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Javier Misa was born on April 10, 1979 in Montevideo, Uruguay.
He is a recognized DJ, producer and remixer for labels like: Baroque Records, Babylon Records, GR8 Al Music, PPMUSIC, Elliptical Sun Recordings, Surbeats Records, Butcher Music, among others.

In his 18 years of professional career he has been a resident of the most successful clubs in Montevideo and Punta del Este, as well as having numerous presentations as a special guest in the most important events in Uruguay and the region.

Among the most outstanding residences are: Heaven, Hell, Anya, Milenio, Kalú, BarbaRoja, Asia de Cuba, Hear the Music (Sheraton After Office), and Punta del Este’s most famous beach, Bikini Beach, From 2011 to the present.

Misa is consolidated as a benchmark with great recognition in the environment, where every event or undertaking that involves it ensures a great public call.

It has its own festival called “Progressive Sounds” which, in addition to becoming a classic with its 6 consecutive editions, has become a popular radio show being broadcast during 2011 and 2012 by Urbana FM (Montevideo 92.5 – Punta del Este 102.5) . Currently, Progressive Sounds, in its radio version, is broadcast through FM del Sol (Montevideo 99.5, Colonia 96.3, Punta del Este 96.7).

The ventures and the most important brands of the medium have chosen to integrate the artistic of the major National festivals. Heirloom Music (Red Sound Tour), Smirnoff Night Party, Pilsen Sunset Tour (Punta del Este, Rocha) Punta Alive (Punta del Este, Rocha), LG Summer Tour (Punta del Este), Fiesta Punta 2014 (Punta del Este), Beldent Sensations Music (Punta del Este), We Love Punta (Punta del Este), Speed Unlimited Tour Of the East, Rocha), VeraFest 2015 (La Paloma – Rocha), OVO Night Club (Punta del Este).

Internationally, this renowned Uruguayan DJ has toured Argentina and Brazil in more than 30 presentations in different cities of the Northern Country, including Ibiza Club (Camboriú), Dreams Club (Joinville), One Club (Amparo – São Paulo), Zoff Club Campinas – São Paulo), Epidemic Concept Party (São Paulo), House4friends (Ribeirão Preto), Sexy Beat (Rio de Janeiro), I Love Electro (Rio de Janeiro), The Beach Club by Sheraton ), among others.

Throughout his career he has shared a booth with renowned artists such as John Digweed, Nick Warren and Lexicon Avenue (England), Anthony Pappa (Australia), 16 Bit Lolitas (Netherlands), Pole Folder and Jimmy Van M. (Belgium) , Matt Rowan & Jaytech (Australia), Add2Basket (Hungary), D-Nox (Germany), Valentino Kanzyani (Slovenia), Jason Jollins (USA), Dr. Kucho! (Spain), Wally Stryk (France), MOS, Ricky Ryan, Facundo Mohrr, Diego Ro-k (Argentina) and Mary Zander (Brazil) among other internationally renowned artists.

Precisely as an artist, his music is … in short, a journey that has passages by styles such as Deep House, House, Progressive House, Tech House and Techno’s most hypnotic side, adapting one or several always based on the public.

DJ Picon

Deejay, Productor, Electronica

Band Members
Fernando Picón

Montevideo, Uruguay

Record Label
Surbeats Records

Deejay, producer and label manager from Montevideo and Punta del Este, Uruguay.


Current Location
Montevideo, Uruguay

80’s, 90’s, 2000’s

DJ Detected

Techno / House


Dj Detected – Techno -Montevideo /Uruguay

The “dance” or dance is the execution of movements using music with the body, arms and legs. It is the theater not spoken. It is a way of expressing our feelings and emotions through fine, harmonious and coordinated gestures, the transformation of effort into grace. It is one of the few arts where we ourselves are the material. It is a beautiful, expressive and exciting art. It is magical in many ways, both for those who enjoy their contemplation, and those who live and work in their world. As every expression of art is a universal language, which makes it understandable at all levels. The dance has been part of the history of Humanity since time immemorial.

Connected for almost 20 years to the Uruguayan electronic scene, DJ Detected is an artist who has traveled a long way, accumulating experience and experience in clubs and festivals in different cities of South America, North America and Europe. At the moment one of the main exponents of the electronic music in Uruguay, resident DJ of Technocracia and Club Phonotheque. Its sound can travel between House and techno, with a dynamic and subtle technique.

It would be very extensive to describe in detail his career that has innumerable parties and events, but it is worth mentioning some artists along with whom he has presented himself as Mr. C, Robert Hood, Paul Ritch, Paco Osuna, Darren Emerson, Richie Hawtin , Troy Pierce, Anderson Noise, Gui Borato, Renato Cohen, Tadeo, Ellen Alien, Guido Schneider, Alex Under, Nima Gorji, Valentino Kanzyani, Masomenos, Alex Celler, Mihai Popoviciu, Mike Shannon, Guti, Mathias Tanzmann, Hobo, Dubfire, Marc Houle, Marco Bailey, Christian Smith, Harvey McKay, Victor Calderone, Reboot, Sasha Carassi, Matador, Kaiserdisco among others.

Personal Information

DJ Dangiolillo
( sorry this is all I could find on him)
“I started this dream from my 14 years with recorded cassettes of the radio and some vinyl” salad “and the time was so fast that when I wanted to give an account, I was standing before thousands of people, bowls from Uruguay that I had the luck of Being in Extasis, La Factoria, Lancelot, Zoo, Another Planet, Millennium, LOVE among so many places … Involved in 16 departmental capitals presenting discs, of radios where they work, Compilations of which many were gold disc and produced their megamixes, In 94 and 95 to the DMC .. Where I left third in South America, in Sao Paulo began all this, very incredible and credible at the same time, after that, my dream took a dimension much bigger than anyone can imagine, power Know all America thanks to Technics (except Venezuela and Nicaragua) and explain the correct operation of the famous tray and leader until I understand “today”, many of the best professionals on the continent, is a very great satisfaction … c Impossible bears None, always the desire, must overcome the dream …. that way you get to where you really want to get … even so I’m still respected in a story that I do not finish, today I only write chapters of my book, called life … and never forget to always be … As human as possible …

» 22 de Julio 19:00

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